25 Dec, 2009
Arbor Books Picks 2009 Holiday Favorites
15 Sep, 2009
For Immediate Release Small Press Bookwatch
20 Jul, 2009
The Miami Herald: Mastering The Job-Search Game By Richard Pachter
17 Jun, 2009
Released By Butterfly Publishing
25 Dec, 2009  Arbor Books Picks 2009 Holiday Favorites
PressMediaWire.com (Press Release Distribution) - Dec 25,2009 -

PressMediaWire - (New York, New York) - Arbor Books (www.arborbooks.com), a backbone of the independent publishing movement for more than a decade, has compiled a list of some of its favorite titles to help consumers get right to the good stuff this holiday season.

"Our brief list of suggestions is a fun way to highlight some of the best books produced by the independent presses we've worked with--and a way to help consumers sort through the thousands of titles released each year," says Joel Hochman, co-founder of Arbor Books.

This year's list includes children's books, wealth-building books, personal memoirs and holiday-specific titles, and covers the entire family when it comes to genres and reading levels. According to Mr. Hochman's partner, Larry Leichman, "This list gives the whole family something to look forward to."

The independent publishers on the recommended reading list for this holiday season hail from around the country. The authors come from around the world.

"The presses that Arbor Books works with are very special," says Mr. Leichman. "Just as the independents in the music, film, theater and art industries forge new paths, making available works and titles that would not be available to consumers otherwise, so do these independents in the publishing field, and we're proud of each and every one of them."

Below is the list of Arbor Books' picks for the best of the holiday season:

1. Self-Help

Susan Bosscawen, Blueprint Your Future: Creating Powerful Personal and Career Results through Alignment (ISBN: 0615273912)

Raymond Salcido, LCSW, Chaos to Balance�A Life Changing Strategy (ISBN: 0-9822302-0-6)

2. Children's Fiction

Jolie Vanier, Puwaii Adventures With Joliea & Friends...The Adventures Continue (ISBN: 0-9822341-1-2)

Shannon Bates, Yes! You Can! An Iknowicant Tale (ISBN: 0-9821509-0-3)

3. Business/Personal Finance

Santiago Maggi, Investment Strategies for Uncertain Markets (ISBN: 0615325815)

David Schumacher, PhD and Steve Dexter, Buy & Hold Forever: How to Build Wealth for the 21st Century (ISBN: 0-9701162-6-8)

4. Personal Memoirs

Judy Joseph Hamlin, From Riches to Happiness: A Semi-Autobiography by an Enlightened Orange County Woman (ISBN: 0615310362)

5. Business Memoirs

Michael J. Ellis, The Metabolife Story: The Rape of Cinderella (ISBN: 0-9822402-0-1)

6. Business/Management

Debi Brown, It�s All in the Delivery: How to Move Mountains Without Crushing the Villagers (ISBN: 978-0-9812098-0-7)

7. History

Barbara Schwartz, Mercy, Mandates, Merger (ISBN: 978-0-615-28720-1)

8. Religion

Catherine Walters, The Hand of God: A Message of Faith and Love (ISBN: 0-9818658-6-0)

9. Mystery

Rick Ward, The Lawmaker (ISBN: 0-9823564-0-4)

Christine Whitehead, Tell Me When It Hurts (ISBN: 0-9822946-0-3)

10. General Fiction

Ryan O'Reilly, To Nourish and Consume (ISBN: 0-9794128-1-1)

11. Thrillers

Rick Ward, Blood-Stained Justice (ISBN: 0-9823564-4-7)

12. Science Fiction/Fantasy

Timothy A. Bramlett, Sharkey and the Parallel Universe (ISBN: 0-9796444-2-9)

13. Medical/Health

Dr. Vikki Petersen and Dr. Richard Petersen, The Gluten Effect: How "Innocent" Wheat Is Ruining Your Health (ISBN: 0-9822711-0-7)

Dr. David Siroospour, MD, FACS, Spinal Surgery Myths: A Surgeon�s Personal Experience With Back Surgery (ISBN: 0-9823362-0-9)

14. Family/Parenting

Armen G. Ketchedjian, MD, Will It Hurt? A Parent's Practical Guide to Children's Surgery (ISBN: 0-9815373-0-8)

Kay Mixson Jenkins, Who Is Pee Dee? Explaining Parkinson�s Disease to a Child (ISBN: 0-9819129-0-7)

15 Sep, 2009  For Immediate Release Small Press Bookwatch
Small Press Bookwatch: September 2009
James A Cox, Editor-in-Chief
Midwest Book Review
Oregon, WI 53575

Wandering aimlessly never gets you anywhere, but far too many play their careers out like that. "Blueprint Your Future: Creating Powerful Personal and Career Results Through Alignment and Action" is a guide to planning one's career with intelligence so one can reach solid long-term goals. With advice on clearly defining goals, picking opportunities, and more, author Susan Bosscawen transmits her expertise well through this manual. "Blueprint Your Future" is a top pick for those planning their destinies.
20 Jul, 2009  The Miami Herald: Mastering The Job-Search Game By Richard Pachter

Author offer tips to keep job-seeking skills sharp

High unemployment continues. I suspect, in fact, that it's far worse than official statistics indicate. How many people, for whatever reason, neglect to apply for benefits or participate in other programs used to compile the data?

Regardless, it's always worthwhile to keep job-seeking skills sharp. Clarifying and defining career goals, strategies and tactics are useful ways to maintain forward motion. Several recent books offer advice and support in this never-ending quest.

Blueprint Your Future: Creating Powerful Personal and Career Results through Alignment and Action. Susan Bosscawen. Butterfly Publishing. 69 pages.

Bosscawen's little gem cuts through the virtual field of bovine droppings with a really incisive collection of self-assessments to help readers figure out what to do with the rest of their lives. She smartly eschews feel-good pop psychology and new age mumbo jumbo in favor of direct action. But considerable thought and informed decision-making are demanded from the reader; this is no passive experience, and so it consequently may not be for everyone. But if you need to gain a clearer idea of your choices as you move on to the next chapter in your career, this is an excellent place to begin the job.

17 Jun, 2009  Released By Butterfly Publishing
By Butterfly Publishing

Blueprint Your Future is a career and personal guide supported by years of success and expertise, an all-encompassing system for creating a road map that aligns today's actions to successfully achieve goals and aspirations. Deceptively simple, the tools in this book allow readers to paint true pictures of themselves in the Vision-to-Action Framework, which is then used to create a Blueprint Action Plan.
This book is incredibly relevant in today's economy and an opportunity for the unemployed, underemployed or merely struggling to build a brighter future using a strong foundation of values and competencies tied to their goals and dreams. Blueprint Your Future is a book for its time.

In this book, readers will learn how to:
  •  Create real career and personal targets tied to their  aspirations and goals
  •  Align their competencies and talents to their targets
  •  Identify the resources they'll need to reach their targets and the risks they may face
  •  Outline a step-by-step plan for reaching their dreams and blueprinting their futures
  •  Adapt their plans as their circumstances and resources change
Who will benefit:

This book will appeal to the unemployed, underemployed and unretired; managers, HR professionals, parents and recent or future college graduates; and any men and women who are seeking clarity and purpose in the actions they are taking every day. With a direct and comfortable approach, this book is appropriate for all adults and late teens who want to create blueprints for their lives.