What is the most important thing for people to know about this book
This book is life changing.  You will find hope, help and a sense of purposeful intention through this work.  Regardless of where you start from, knowing you have direction and purpose in the things you are doing everyday, will allow you to feel fulfilled every minute.  You may be in the midst of major life change or job change, or you may just want to make changes in your life for the better.  The process for achieving your dreams is no longer a mystery.  These tools are solidly grounded in proven business principles and practices.  I have used the models for over 15 years in business-and they work.  Period.  You Will Get Results!
What are the top three things readers will learn from your book?
First, being prepared in this economic climate can give you hope, optimism and a plan to help you survive. Second, the picture of you that you create can be a powerful and differentiating edge in a crowded marketplace. Third, an integrated plan will allow you to see how you can bridge from your goals and aspirations to actions that help get you there.
How is the book relevant to our lives today?
Whether you're dealing with financial difficulties or not, you probably have questions about how to best organize and execute your plans for yourself. Maybe you don't have a plan and are looking for a way to develop one. Whatever your situation, you likely have questions about your life goals and what you can do to reach those goals. These are universal questions and this book helps to answer some of those. Also, with workplaces becoming more competitive all the time, it's imperative that people have plans that allow them to prepare for their futures.
What are some of the tools readers will learn about in Blueprint Your Future?
The elements of self-examination in this book are brought together in what's called the Vision-To-Action FrameworkTM, which crystallizes a picture of you. Then, you identify specific targets of interest that give depth and breadth to the number of opportunities you have identified. These targets are assessed from several points of view against your aspirations, goals, competencies and talents to ensure alignment and best fit. With this knowledge you can then more confidently select the specific targets of interest that make the most sense for you, knowing that you are working in alignment with your strengths and goals. Finally, you pull this work together in a Blueprint Action PlanTM, which allows you to see what it will take to begin to execute your plan.
Who will benefit the most from your book?
The unemployed and underemployed, people in career transition and the unretired. Men and women who are seeking clarity and purpose in the actions they are taking everyday. This book is ultimately about giving readers the opportunity to take control over their lives through the use of practical and useful tools. This plan is well thought out and leverages proven business practices in helping readers identify their values, competencies and talents and aligning those to activities that maximize success.
Why is this book timely?
Our current economic conditions are frightening for a lot of people, and they should be people are losing their jobs and homes. But these conditions also present an opportunity for people to reexamine what they are doing with their lives. Now is a perfect time to "get it together" with a better plan, with a blueprint that offers an anchor for what people do
What is the book about?
Personal and career planning in a way that aligns your everyday actions with solid, well-thought-out goals and aspirations. It's a system that allows people to examine what it is they want to do in life while also giving them the tools to go about achieving those goals. The system takes into consideration the very foundation of an individual his or her values, competencies and talents. Knowing these, a person can select opportunities that offer the greatest chance of success. A lot of people have dreams, but few know how to structure their daily activities so that they are aligned to those dreams.
Why did you write Blueprint Your Future: Creating Powerful Personal and Career Results Through Alignment and Action?
With unemployment soaring to ten percent and jobs scarcer than ever, millions of Americans are faced with uncertain futures. But this period also offers unprecedented opportunities and hope. This book was many years in the making. It came out of many hours of conversation with a colleague who specializes in human performance. Over a period of time, we discussed how people make choices in their careers and personal lives when faced with job changes and life-changing circumstances. We discussed the usefulness of having a way of determining how to go about rationalizing the many choices. I had seen different things over the years and heard many people talk about the topic but had not seen an integrated, hands-on approach. I formulated some ideas that I thought would be useful for coaching purposes, drawing from years of business experience and settling on a few key tools. I revised the system and I know that it will offer help and hope to the people who read the book.