Susan Bosscawen
With unemployment soaring and jobs scarcer than ever, millions of Americans are faced with uncertain futures. But this period also offers unprecedented opportunities and hope.

Susan Bosscawen, author of Blueprint Your Future: Creating Powerful Personal and Career Results Through Alignment and Action, has been helping businesses and workers find direction for more than twenty years and has some very practical advice.

"Right now, people are confused and struggling with what to do about their futures,” says Ms. Bosscawen. "Even if they had plans, those plans have likely been disrupted. In some ways, people are being forced to reevaluate their lives and careers, which presents a tremendous opportunity to set a new direction.

" Blueprint Your Future is a career and personal guide to creating a future that is built on the values, talents and goals of each individual. Deceptively simple, the tools in the book allow readers to paint true pictures of themselves and use this information to maximize their chances of personal and career success.

"The secret is being able to identify what we can do well, what makes us happy, what we believe in, what gives us fulfillment and, ultimately, what we aspire to do with our lives," says Ms. Bosscawen. “Once we have those answers, we can answer the big question: What can I do today to get where I want to be tomorrow?"

Designed to allow for life’s hiccups and changes of heart, Blueprint Your Future takes into account your core attributes while allowing you to:

• Create real career and personal targets tied to your aspirations and goals
• Align your competencies and talents to your targets.
• Identify the resources you’ll need to reach your targets and the risks you may face
• Outline a step-by-step plan for reaching your dreams and blueprinting your future
• Adapt your plan as your circumstances and resources change

"My practice and my book are the results of years of development and a desire to help people rationalize their actions in the context of what they hope to do with their lives," says Ms. Bosscawen. "I know it works and I hope that I’ve provided some guidance and direction for people who really need something right now."

Susan Bosscawen is a proven senior leader in corporate technology and operations. She is the creator of the Vision-to-Action Framework™ and the Blueprint Action Plan™. A former banking executive, she has served on numerous boards including those of North Texas Business for Culture and the Arts, the Dallas Zoological Society and The Science Place. She also participated in numerous corporate women’s mentoring networks. Susan holds an MBA from the University of Miami.